Domaine des Claus

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Domaine des Claus

The pioneers of bio-dynamic wines and olive oil, from the Domaine des Claus (former Domaine Saint Joseph) winery in Tourrettes-sur-Loup.

Book a visit and taste some of the best wines in the region at Domaine des Claus

Bio-dynamic wine and olive-oil
Welcome to this 3.5-hectare property, located in the municipalities of Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where vineyards and olive trees stand side by side.

The vineyard is grown exclusively according to an organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, producing IGP Alpes-Maritime wines, olives and olive oil AOP Nice and Citrus aperitif wines.

A modern adventure
The story of the Domaine des Claus winery in the Alpes Maritimes area is an exciting modern adventure, both for the producer and for all wine enthusiasts who want both tasty and different products to take home and put on their table.

The young engineer Julien Bertaina took over his father’s vineyard on the hillsides around Tourrettes-sur-Loup, bringing with him a great ambition to make the place and the wines something special. He bought another vineyard, in the nearby romantic gem of Saint-Paul de Vence, and also invested in a new cellar.

In 2011, together with a professional in the field, Jacques Mell, he transformed his production into high-quality bio-dynamic wine making. He gave these wines completely new and original names as it was important for him to evoke a different feeling that people could recognize.

Two wineries, each with its own character
Despite the fact that there are only approx. 6 km between the two halves of the vineyard, there are clear differences in the way the vines are grown. The soil of Saint-Paul, which consists of clayey limestone, is deep and naturally drained over the steep mountain edges of the village, allowing for optimal water regulation.

The vineyard at the foot of Saint-Paul de Vence

The proximity to the sea regulates the temperature. The unique terroir throughout Domaine des Claus gives round white wines and fine tannin acid to the reds. 

Bio-dynamics and a good taste
What does it mean that the wines are bio-dynamically produced? The bio-dynamics must comply with the same rules in the vineyard as in ecology, therefore no use of fertilizers or pesticides, but one goes a step further. Bio-dynamics is very much about considering animals, soil and crops as a single system.

Other plants are appreciated side by side with the vine in the vineyard, e.g. flowers, grains and grass, which also attracts insects. Bio-dynamic preparations of a homeopathic nature are used to fertilize and protect against threats. But all the time you have the good taste of the finished wine in mind.

Beautiful wines from red to rosé
With 2.4 hectares of vines (1 ha of olive trees) and 9 different grape varieties, approx. 12,000 bottles in red, white and rosé are produced.

The wines are sold to the local restaurants, selected shops and directly from the domain of Tourrettes-Sur-Loup.

The white wines
Two white wines are produced, “origine” and “clos Saint Paul”. The grape varieties used are: Rolle, Sémillon and Clarette.

The rosé
A rosé wine is produced, “tango”. The grape varieties used here: Mourvèdre, Braquet, Cinsault, Clarette and Rolle.

The red wines
A total of 4 red wines, “nomade”, “triptyque”, “magie noire” and “l’instinct” are produced. For these vines, the grape varieties used are: Marselan, Merlot, Mourvèdre and Folle Noire. 

Visit and tasting by appointment
Julien Bertaina 
160, chemin des Vignes 
06140 Tourrettes-Sur-Loup 
+33(0)609 282 659

Visit and tasting by appointment
Monday-Saturday  9-12 og 14.30-19.00

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