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Biot is a lovely little medieval town with two charming squares, narrow alleys as well as cozy cafes, restaurants and everything surrounded by local art. In addition, Biot shelters world-class glass factory, a historical museum and 2 golf courses –without forgetting the Fernand Léger art museum.

Square at Place de Gaulle in Biot
The cozy terrace in the middle of Place de Gaulle in Biot – ©

Biot – a small town with great experiences

Biot is a charming little fortified medieval town located on a hilltop at 7.5 km from Antibes and only 4 km from the coast.

The city is particularly known for its glass and ceramic production, as well as the famous art museum of the French artist, Fernand Léger.

Bubbled glass from Biot
Biot is know for their glass production – in particular for the Bubbled Glass from La Verrerie de Biot

History of Biot in brief

The city’s history dates back to Roman times and archaeologists have found clear evidence that tells about life back then.

Biot is not a large city and back in the year 1209, when the Count of Provence donated the area to the Knights Templar, Biot consisted only on the area of the Place des Arcades, the church and a few buildings for habitation.

In the period from the beginning of the 14th century until about the year 1470, Biot had been transformed into a refuge for thieves and pirates. But thanks to King René of Naples, who settled in Biot, the city was able to return to ancient standards.

Biot in south of France
Biot is beautifully situated on a hilltop

Throughout the 16th century, the town’s inhabitants focused on agriculture and pottery. Ceramics, in particular, had been a driving force for the city right up to the present days, where, together with glass production, it has developed into the city’s economic powerhouse.

Original medieval gates

Biot has two original gates from the Middle Ages, which you can see on your walk around the old Biot: Porte des Tines on Rue des Tines and Porte des Migraniers on Calade des Migraniers.

Porte des Migraines, Biot
The original medieval gate from 1566 – Porte des Migraniers – ©

Biot’s sights

In and around the city center, you should take the walk from the start of Rue Saint-Sébastian and down to place des Arcades. On the way, you’ll pass the art shops, the restaurants, and the cozy terrace on Place General de Gaulle. Further on past the Biot’s historical museum before entering the Place des Arcades, where you’ll find several pleasant restaurants.

Place des Arcades, Biot
Place des Arcades – ©

Place des Arcades is a narrow square surrounded by arcade houses on both sides and the church Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Biot, located at the end of the square in a narrow alley.

church Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Biot
The church Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Biot tucked in the end of a narrow alley – ©

The church is worth a visit and here you can experience an altar painting from the 16th century – the Virgin of the Rosary – by the famous Italian painter Louis Brea.

Outside the city center, world-class art awaits

On the outskirts of Biot, you will find glass production and world-class art, respectively. You can visit the Pierini and La Verrerie de Biot glassblowing workshops, on the way out to the impressive art museum – Fernand Léger National museum. Read more about these places in the overview after the article.

Fernand Léger National museum in Biot
The fantastic art museum in Biot – Fernand Léger National Museum

How to get to Biot

If you do not have a car available, you can get to Biot from Nice, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Antibes and Cannes by both bus and train.

See more in the app or on the site “Rome2Rio” about the possibilities – here is a link to the possibilities from Nice.

Alternatively, you can go on a guided tour from e.g. Nice – see the tour here.

By Tommy Sverre – 2022

Facts about Biot
Population: approx. 10,000
Altitude: 40 m (town hall)
Airport: 20 km
Beach: 4 km
Nice: 27 km

Nearby cities
Antibes 7.5 km
Valbonne 10 km
Cagnes-sur-Mer 11 km
Cannes 17 km

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