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Cap d’Ail

Right next to Monaco lies the town of Cap d’Ail between the sea and the mountains. The city benefits from its rich natural and architectural heritage: an idyllic panorama, lush greenery and stunning villas from the Belle Époque period as well as the iconic Mala Beach.

Mala Beach Cap d'Ail
The idyllic Mala Beach at the foot of Cap d’Ail

City of Cap d’Ail

The city’s history begins seriously in 1908, when the city becomes its own municipality. Several essential public services were set up such as the post and telegraph office, the police station, a schoolroom and the municipality’s own town hall.

The city was originally part of the County of Nice until 1860, and then part of the municipality of La Turbie until its separation in 1908.

Already in the late 1800s, the area, like several other cities along the French Riviera, experienced a growing interest from the better European bourgeoisie.

This resulted in the construction of several extraordinary villas along the coast, which today bear witness to the impressive Belle Époque period.

Foreign aristocratic interest in Cap d’Ail was at its peak in the 1940s with famous visitors such as Winston Churchill, Sacha Guitry, Greta Garbo, Josephine Baker, exiled Russian princes and the Lumière brothers.

Cap d’Ail – worth experiencing

The main attraction today is located in the area around Cap Mala. Here, you will find the iconic Mala Beach, the coastal path to Monaco and the impressive Belle Epoque villas, including the Chateau des Terrasses and the museum Villa les Camélias.

The hiking trail from Cap d'Ail to Monaco
The hiking trail from Cap d’Ail to Monaco – ©

Read more about these in the overview at the bottom of the page under Experiences in Cap d’Ail.

Transportation to Cap d’Ail

If you come by car, it can be difficult to find parking space. You can try your hand at the small roads of Cap Mala. It helps to arrive early in the day, before all the beachgoers arrive.

You can take both train and bus from Nice or Monaco.

Useful links:  Cap d’Ail tourist office

By Tommy Sverre – 2022

Facts about Cap d’Ail
Inhabitants: ca. 4.600
Altitude: 40 m
Airport: 29 km
Beach: 0 km
Nice: 20 km

Cities nearby:
Monaco 4 km
Beaulieu-sur-Mer 8 km
Roquebrune-Cap-Martin 12 km
Villefranche-sur-Mer 10 km

Experiences in Cap d’Ail
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  • Beaches
  • Hiking
  • Museums

Villa Camélias

The beautiful villa from the Belle Époque period – Villa Camélias – is a beautiful mirror of Cap d'ail's culture and history.

Mala Beach Cap d’Ail

Mala Beach is a little gem on the Côte-d'Azur, located in a small bay at the foot of the town of Cap d'Ail.

Coastal walk Monaco – Mala Beach

The coastal walk from Monaco to Mala Beach (Cap d'Ail) is a beautiful and eventful trip along the coast between Monaco and Cap d'Ail. And ...
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