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The Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula is an enchanting gem on the French Riviera. It has a very special attraction, spiced up with the area’s natural beauty, cultural treasures, and sumptuous charm, and is complemented by gastronomic opportunities, beautiful beaches, and beautiful walks.

buildings in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
The port city of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is beautiful, colourful and very well maintained – ©

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – a pearl on the Riviera

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is an exquisite gem located on the French Riviera. The charming little town on the peninsula offers a relaxed luxurious atmosphere, where the azure Mediterranean meets lush green landscapes that hide many opulent villas.

A scenic paradise

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is an amazing symphony of natural wonders and breathtaking coastal panoramas. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque promenade Maurice Rouvier and enjoy stunning views of the azure waters and surrounding cliffs. Here you will find, among other things, David Niven’s old Villa Lo Scoglietto or villa Fleur du Cap, as it is called today.

The palatial villas

The peninsula is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. And it’s home to some of the world’s most opulent villas. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a must-visit with its architecture, 9 themed gardens and impressive views of the bay.

Another architectural marvel is Villa Santo Sospir, adorned with fascinating murals created by legendary artist Jean Cocteau. And of course, the aforementioned Villa Fleur du Cap.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild with its nine gardens is a top attraction – ©

The historic lighthouse

At the tip of the peninsula stands the iconic lighthouse, which bears witness to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat’s maritime heritage. Phare de Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has stood high on the cliffs since 1862 as a lantern guiding sailors and, today, offers panoramic views of the entire island and coast. From the lighthouse, you can experience an unforgettable sunset in the evening, and you see the 143-meter-high lighthouse from many places on the hike around Cap Ferrat.

The point with the lighthouse on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula
Here, you can see the path that runs along the coast and the 143-meter-high lighthouse – ©

Breathtaking beaches

No trip to the French Riviera is complete without some beach time. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat impresses with 8 beaches. Several are serene and family-friendly pebble beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean sun. Relax on a sun lounger, indulge in water sports or enjoy delicious seafood at the beachfront restaurants. Among the most popular beaches are plage de Passable, Paloma Beach and plage Cros Deï Pin.

bathers at Paloma Beach on Cap-Ferrat
Paloma Beach is one of the popular beaches on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – ©

Cultural experiences

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is not only a favourite residence of the elite, but also a breeding ground for a vibrant cultural scene. Villa Kérylos in Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a fantastic reconstruction of an ancient Greek villa. Various cultural events are often organised here, including concerts and exhibitions.

The annual Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Classical Music Festival draws music enthusiasts from all over the world. And don’t miss the fine seafood museum at the harbour – musée des Coquillages – and the Saint-Hospice Chapel, a short walk away from Paloma Beach.

Mediterranean gastronomy

Scattered throughout Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat are many restaurants and cafés where you can indulge in the delicious flavours of the French Riviera. Especially the harbor offers a large selection of restaurants, where the menu is a cornucopia of fresh seafood, Provencal regional dishes and world-class wines. Here you can embrace all the culinary delights that the region has to offer.

Coastal walks

Hiking enthusiasts will find pleasure in the coastal trails that surround the peninsula. The sentier du Littoral trail offers a total of 14km of refreshing hike along the water’s edge, revealing hidden coves and secret beaches. The mesmerizing view is every photographer’s dream.

The 14 km hiking trail is divided into 3 hikes, which can be completed individually. The hike around Cap-Ferrat, the David Niven walk on the promenade Maurice Rouvier, and the walk around the Chapel Saint-Hospice at Paloma Beach.

Bay on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula
There are many small, charming coves along the hike around the Cap Ferrat – ©

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – a gateway to the French Riviera

One of the best things about Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is its strategic location, which makes the area an ideal base for exploring the wider French Riviera. The nearby cities of Nice, Monaco and Èze are easily accessible from Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and they offer their own unique charm, making day trips an affordable pleasure.

Recommended sailing trips at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat:

By Tommy Sverre – 2023

Facts about Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Inhabitants : approx. 1.500
Altitude: 10 m
Airport: 12 km
Beach: 0 km
Nice: 10 km

Cities close by:
Beaullieu-sur-Mer 1 km
Villefranche-sur-Mer 2 km
Èze 10 km
Cap d’Ail 10 km

Experiences in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
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