Cannes Sea Museum

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Cannes Sea Museum

Cannes Sea Museum, Musée de la Mer, is located on the small island of Sainte-Marguerite and it is presented in a unique historic setting in the old Fort Royal.


Cannes Sea Museum located next to the prison cells of Fort Royal

Cannes Sea Museum shows collections of underwater and terrestrial excavations. 

Once the entrance ticket has been paid, you have access to both the Cannes Sea Museum and the prison cells in the old Fort Royal, where you can see the cell where the mysterious prisoner – The Man with the Iron Mask – was allegedly imprisoned for 11 years.

The archeological collections

The Fort Royal site has been inhabited since ancient times by Celto-Ligurian, Greek and Roman peoples.

Evidence of this can be found in the vaulted room on the ground floor with the ancient Roman cisterns, an ingenious hydraulic system intended for collecting rainwater.

Model af romersk cisterne på Musée de la Mer I Fort Royal, Cannes
Model of a Roman cistern – here reproduced in its entire construction – ©

Excavations have also brought to light fragments of murals from ancient Roman baths, as well as various remains and artefacts of great value to archaeologists.

The Cannes Sea Museum also has a collection of archaeological remains from various excavations. Several wrecks washed up near the Lérins Islands testify to the maritime practices of ancient and medieval peoples.

The museum displays objects from the Roman wreck of the ship La Tradelière with nine different types of amphorae from the year 100 AC, terracotta porcelain, goblets, vases with zoomorphic decoration and glass goblets.

Museumsrum med udstillede genstande fra skibsvrag på Musée de la Mer, Cannes
Objects from 2 shipwrecks, La Tradelière and the Scarac are displayed at the Musée de la Mer – ©

The Saracen wreck from Le Batéguier, which was discovered in 1973 at a depth of 54 meters, contained several ceramics, jars and handles, cookware, vases, pots, oil lamps, etc.

A rather unique collection, which is displayed in unique surroundings in Fort Royal.

By Tommy Sverre – 2021

Every day of the week 10.30-17.30

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