Cannes Underwater Museum

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Cannes Underwater Museum

Cannes has got France’s first underwater museum, which is wildly fascinating in every way. 6 great sculptures below the sea surface connect Cannes’ soul with the imprisoned myth of Saint-Marguerite

Underwater art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor off the coast of Saint-Marguerite

Cannes Underwater Museum – the first of its kind in France

For 4 years, the artist Jason deCaires Taylor has been working on creating the 6 sculptures that connect the tale of Cannes’ soul and the well-founded myth of Saint-Marguerite and the Man with the Iron Mask.

Aside from the first underwater museum in France, Jason deCaires Taylor has produced other phenomenal works underwater like in Mexico. See these on the artist’s website here.

Dress code swimming trunks

The sculptures are located at a depth between 3-4 meters in the sea, close to the coast on the south side of the island of Saint-Marguerite. The site is now cordoned off for boats, which makes it safe for “visitors” to explore this exciting installation, which is located just below sea level.

The local soul and the myth

The 6 sculptures are based on portraits of living residents of Cannes from different professions and ages. For example, a sculpture of an 80-year-old fisherman and another of a 9-year-old schoolboy.

Each face is divided into two parts. One part of the face looks like a mask and connects to the myth of the imprisoned prisoner with the iron mask on Saint-Marguerite, and the other connects to the performing arts, which is also a major theme for Cannes through the annual Film Festival on the Croisette

Hear the artist’s own words about the whole process

In this video, artist Jason deCaires Taylor takes us on a journey from the first visit to Cannes to the finished installation 4 years later.

How to get to Saint-Marguerite and the Cannes Underwater Museum
There are boat trips from Cannes, Golf-Juan and Nice. Read more about the possibilities in the article about sailing trips to the Lérins islands.

By Tommy Sverre – 2023

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