La Croisette Promenade

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La Croisette Promenade

The promenade at La Croisette is one of the most valued experiences in Cannes – it is the gathering point for mythical hotels, the casino, the Film Festival and the shops with the famous brands.

La Croisette in Cannes surrounded by palm trees and glorious sandy beaches- ©

The glamorous promenade
Many believe that La Croisette is the most beautiful promenade on the entire Riviera. The people of Nice may not completely agree, but judge for yourself. It is impressive! La Croisette has received the classification as “site pittoresque”.

La Croisette runs along the Gulf of Cannes from the new port of Port Canto, in the east, to the old port of Port Vieux in the west. It is the meeting point of the city with the beaches on one side and the city with its shops and cafes on the other side.

La Croisette’s birth and name
The boulevard saw the light of day in 1863 and got its name from a small cross, “crouseto” in Provencal, which stood on the point at Palm Beach. Here, pilgrims gathered on their way to the monastery of Lérins on the island of Saint-Honorat. Today, the cross has been replaced by a memorial to the original cross.

The small memorial to the cross that has given its name to the Boulevard de la Croisette

The famous hotels along the Croisette
Some of the most iconic buildings in Cannes are located along La Croisette. Here you will find the hotel, which is associated with movie stars and wealth, Carlton Hotel.

The legendary Carlton Hotel in Cannes with 354 luxury rooms

It is equipped with 354 luxury rooms, has a dome on each side of the building, which was built by the architects Marcellin Mayère and Charles Dalmas.

Here are also the hotel Majestic, Grand Hotel and Le Martinez.

The International Film Festival
Every year, the famous film festival takes place at the Palais des Festivals, located at the end of La Croisette.

Palais des Festival – the famous stage for the international film festival

Here all the big movie stars, known and unknown filmmakers and fashion designers meet around the red carpet on the way up the stairs to the Palais des Festivals. The conference building was built in 1982 and is 6000 sqm.

By Tommy Sverre / 2021

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