Monument for the fallen

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Monument for the fallen

Monument to the fallen during the First World War
This monument is the work of sculptor Gaston Le Bourgeois (1885-1953) in collaboration with architect Léon Le Bel (1883-1968). The inauguration took place in 1928.

Monument to the Fallen during World War I, built in 1928 – ©

The monument is built as a kind of tempieto – a small temple – a square ground plan formed by four pillars, covered by a saddle roof in brick, which mixes Provencal influences and the ancient architecture.

The monument is surrounded by small decorative gardens, wrought iron gates and plant fences. A long straight staircase connects the monument square, place du Petit-Puy, with rue Trécastel.

Under the monument is a crypt consisting of two rooms where gas masks from the war are stored.

By Tommy Sverre / 2021

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