Fragonard Perfume Grasse

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Fragonard Perfume Grasse

The world-famous FRAGONARD PERFUME started in 1926 and was named after a then well-known local artist from the 18th century, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who especially painted spicy love scenes.

The beautiful domicile of the Fragonard perfume Grasse
The beautiful domicile of the Fragonard perfumery ©

Fragonard Perfume -Eugéne Fuchs and his descendants

The young businessman and art enthusiast Eugène Fuchs, who settled in the city of Grasse, went through the time around the First World War with the idea of making something big out of a new concept in the perfume industry. It was about selling fragrance products directly to the many tourists who had begun to open their eyes to the Riviera’s many blessings.

He started a factory in 1926 and named it after a then well-known local artist from the 18th century, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who especially painted spicy love scenes. And so started Fragonard Perfume Grasse.

Operated today by the 3rd generation

Fragonard was later forgotten and died poor, but his name lives on, as Parfumerie Fragonard to this day is a world name that has been run by three successive generations.

Eugène Fuchs left the reins to his son and brother-in-law, and not least the son of the latter, Jean-Francois Costa, modernized the company and expanded it considerably. Today, it is Jean Francois’ three daughters who skillfully run the business. The company is located on Boulevard Fragonard, and visits are welcome, just as scent samples are sold. On the third floor, the company has set up a museum of perfume, so definitely worth a visit.

On a tour of Fragonard Perfume

The company is located at No. 20 Boulevard Fragonard in F-06130 Grasse. They have their own car park and offer visitors to see both workshops and laboratories with a free guide, as long as you arrange this in advance (

The process of perfume production on site and in Grasse as a whole is carefully reviewed, and you get a thorough insight into what is perfume, what is eau de parfum, and what is eau de toilette. It is not the same!

Part of Fragonard’s perfume shop in Grasse ©

You also get ample opportunity to shop in the gift shop, and then you must not fail to visit the exciting museum on the top floor.

By Peter Sejersen – 2020

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