Rose Festival in Grasse

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Rose Festival in Grasse

May is the month of roses in France. This is celebrated in the world’s perfume capital Grasse, where the air is already filled with the scents of the surrounding jasmine and lavender fields.

The fountain at Place aux Aires is beautifully decorated with colorful roses
The fountain at Place aux Aires is beautifully decorated with colorful roses – ©

Rose Festival in Grasse

For more than half a century, the Expo Rose – Rose Festival in Grasse – has been held, where, over a weekend in May, the city pays tribute to the rose – the queen of all flowers – as well as honors the creators and producers of roses.

The old city’s already beautiful and intimate streets, fountains, statues and public squares are decorated with bouquets, rose bushes and thousands of cut roses. And the shopkeepers in the city are trying to outdo each other in imaginative rose decorations in front of their shops.

Yellow 2CV decorated with roses in Grasse
Creativity knows no bounds at the Rose Festival in Grasse

Euphoric scent permeates the entire city

The scent in the streets is amazing, as it is not only the tens of thousands of roses that smell, but also rose perfume that is sprayed via atomizers into the streets of the old town and contribute to the scent explosion.

Above the streets are suspended thousands of pink umbrellas, which form a nice roof and cast down their octagonal patterns as shadows on the paving of the streets.

Pink umbrellas in the streets of Grasse
The pink umbrellas that cast a special shine over the city’s pedestrian streets – ©

On the stairs up to the Cours Honoré Cresp square, the pink runner is laid out, and on one part of the large square, local producers have set up their stalls with handicrafts and local specialties. The remaining area of the site is a sea of flowers, where producers show the rose in all imaginable colors and shapes.

The red carpet on the steps of Cours Honoré Cresp in Grasse
The red carpet on the steps of Cours Honoré Cresp in Grasse

Dance and music performances in the streets and on the squares of the city, throughout the weekend, complete the festival, which is worth a visit in every way, regardless of whether the rose is one’s favorite flower or not.

Link to official site: Grasse Rose Festival

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By Kim M. Nielsen – 2023

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