Baou de Saint-Jeannet

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Baou de Saint-Jeannet

Baou de Saint-Jeannet stands as a distinctive and iconic monument on the Côte d’Azur. With its significant profile, the mountain gives the small village of Saint Jeannet a touch of fame. And the eminent view at the top is enjoyed by visitors from all over the world.

Baou de Saint-Jeannet
From near and far, Baou de Saint-Jeannet appears majestic – ©

Iconic Baou de Saint-Jeannet

From near and far, you can see the majestic front of the rock formation of Baou de Saint-Jeannet. With its iconic profile, it stands as a landmark of for the small village of Saint-Jeannet and attracts tourists from most of the world. Visitors hike the nearly 3 km to the summit to enjoy one of the French Riviera’s most breathtaking views.

How to get to the top of Baou de Saint-Jeannet

Since there are no roads up to the top, you have to walk the 3 km up. Tackle it with sensible footwear on beautiful and well-laid paths, which are a little steep at first, and go upwards most of the trip. But just take it easy at your own pace and take drink breaks along the way. The last 500 meters are relatively flat.

stien til Baou de Saint The path to Baou de Saint-Jeannet is good and well laid out
The path to Baou de Saint-Jeannet is good and well laid out – ©

The reward when you reach the top at 802 meters above sea is quite unmatched, and worth the whole steep ride. On the way you meet people of all ages: young, old and children. So everyone can join in. It’s just about finding your own pace.

The reward and joy are great at the top of Baou de Saint-Jeannet
The reward and joy are great at the top of Baou de Saint-Jeannet – ©

Starting point for hikes to “gold and green forests”

Saint-Jeannet is also the starting point for other interesting walks. For example, to the old castle ruin of Le Castellet or to the top of Baou de la Gaude, which is the neighboring mountain to Baou de Saint-Jeannet.

Both trips hide interesting experiences. At Le Castellet, there is the legend of gold hidden in the walls and, on the way to the top of Baou de la Gaude, you meet a gigantic oak tree.

The giant oak tree on the way to Baou de la Gaude
The giant oak tree on the way to Baou de la Gaude – ©

The latter trip deserves a little extra attention, as it is actually a bigger experience than you might think. Both the climb, where you walk in an arc behind the mountain and thus see the plains, and then the view of Baou de Saint-Jeannet and the coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. This is a magnificent hiking experience.

And a snack is needed

You go back to the starting point on the same path. And after the hike, you should, of course, enjoy a small snack, or maybe a well-deserved lunch. In addition, the well-located café and restaurant Le SB Sainte Barbe is an excellent choice. The view of the valley and the Mediterranean Sea makes the stay in Saint-Jeannet complete.

Place Saint Barbe Saint-Jeannet
Restaurant Le SB Sainte Barbe is located on the square of the same name and offers sweeping views – ©

Recommendation of parking

There are only a few parking spaces in the city itself and most often it is almost impossible to find a free space. Therefore, we highly recommend parking at the René Viessy parking lot, which is located right at the entrance to the city.

From here, it is only a few hundred meters to the center and the starting point of the hikes. Find the parking space on the Google map below.

By Tommy Sverre – 2022

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