Marineland Antibes

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Marineland Antibes

The Marineland Antibes is simply a unique marine park for sea animals. Among other things, you can experience dolphins, orcas, sharks, sea lions, turtles as well as birds and animals that are used to aquatic environments such as polar bears and penguins.

little girl photographed together with a giant pingvin in Marinaland Antibes
This marineland gives you nice memories – ©

Marineland Antibes

The Marineland Antibes is known for its great shows and educational activities. In addition to giving visitors an unforgettable experience, the park’s mission is to pass on knowledge about the world of animals and how we can protect and preserve their species for the future.

With an area of more than 25 acres, Marineland in Antibes is the largest of its kind in all of Europe.

Experiences for the whole family

With as many as five parks in the park, there is plenty to employ an experience-hungry family.

  1. Marineland with all its sea animals
  2. Aquaplash – a giant water park
  3. Adventure Golf – three mini golf courses in company with dinosaurs, among other things 
  4. Children’s island – here children can frolic and get up close and learn about the animals
  5. Lagoon – private beach for relaxation and the opportunity to swim close to dolphins
Plan over Marineland in Antibes with the 5 parcs inside
Oversight of the entire Marineland, with its five separate parks

Experiences that stand out: Orcas, dolphins and Boris and Laska.
Although Marineland Antibes is in itself a very special experience, there are still some I would like to highlight. They are to me the essence of this magical place.

Especially two shows and an entertaining feeding made an impression on me.

The dolphin show with the palm trees and the Mediterranean in the background made the experience of these amazing animals burn into my memory.

Dolphin show in Marineland Antibes
The great dolphin show – ©

Next, I was almost overwhelmed by experiencing the Orca show. Seeing these giant sea creatures frolic in the huge 80 meter long pool with 40 million liters of water is impressive. The highlight was getting really close as the orcas were fed on the pool edge. WOW!

To Orcs in water show at Marineland in Antibes
The amazing orcas give a spectacular show

And do not miss the entertaining feeding of the sea lions Boris & Laska – the largest sea lions of its kind in the world.

Finally, I will mention the Shark Tunnel and the water slides

Shark Tunnel allows you to become familiar with different shark species (bull sharks, gray sharks and nurse sharks). An emotional moment for a unique face to face with the sea’s sharp teeth, in the heart of a 30 meter long tunnel that runs through a giant aquarium of two million liters of water!

Family in the shark tunnel in Marineland in Antibes
Come really close to the sharks in the Shark Tunnel

Aquasplash offers more than fifteen giant water slides and swimming pools for both big and small children. This is a true eldorado for the kids and the number of visits of more than 180,000 annual visits alone testifies to its popularity.

Entrance at Marineland:

Over 13 years from 39.50 euros
3-13 years from 32.50 euros
Under 3 years free

Entré online: 27.90 and 21.90 euros

By Tommy Sverre – 2020

Every day of the week

High Season 10-19

Mid season 10-18

Low season 10-17

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