Coastal walk around Cap d’Antibes

Coastal walk around Cap d’Antibes

This coastal walk around Cap d’Antibes is simply fantastic and a pearl row of beautiful impressions awaits on the approx. 4.8 km long trip.

Tour description

This coastal walk around Cap d’Antibes is simply amazing in many ways. First of all, everyone can join in, as the trip is not strenuous. And secondly, the experiences are unique and a string of beautiful impressions awaits the approx. 4.8 km long trip.

The trip starts at La Garoupe beach and takes you along the coast of really beautiful paths to Argent Faux bay (also called Billionaire bay) and from here through the residential areas back to the starting point.

Coastal walk – Cap d’Antibes

  • Length 4.8 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time consumption: 1.5 hours excluding breaks
  • Elevation: +/- 30 m.

Legend has it that the Tirepoil trail (literally hair pull) takes its name from the ubiquitous sea breeze that shakes your hair.

Nature from its most beautiful side

Along the entire coastline you will find the most beautiful and charming small bays with the clearest water you can almost find.

stone path along the coastal walk cap d'antibes
Most of the trip is on very fine stone paths very close to the sea – ©

You will also be able to experience a varied nature with a wide variety of flower species and changing landscapes. The whole area is protected and must be respected due to the unique flora and fauna.

Dolphins in the sea

If you keep a sharp eye out over the sea on the fine view terrace, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins frolicking in the sea.

Viewpoint at coastal walk around Cap d’Antibes
Halfway you meet this beautiful viewpoint where the lucky ones can see dolphins frolicking in the sea – ©

Historical buildings

With the sea on one side, you can on the other hand experience some of Antibes historic and architectural famous buildings.

You can see them in that order: Chateau de la Garoupe from 1907, Chateau de la Croë from 1927, which for a time was the home of the Duke of Windsor and his infamous wife, Wallis Simpson (today owned by Roman Abramovich) and finally Villa Eilinroc from 1867. The villa was a gift to Antibes from its last owner, Hélène Beaumont, back in 1982 and beautifully represents the Belle Époque era in French history.

Château de la Croë, Cap d’Antibes
Château de la Croë, now owned by Roman Abramovich

The beaches on Cap d’Antibes 

On this trip you can experience a total of 5 beaches. To start with, the trip starts from Plage de la Garoupe, then in this order you will meet Plage Cap Cros, Plage Eilen Roc, Plage Argent Faux and finally Plage Baie Milliardaires.

bay at coastal walk Cap d’Antibes
There are many small bays where you can swim and enjoy a picnic – ©

The return trip from Bay of Billionaires

When you reach the Bay of Billionaires, the trip returns to the starting point through the residential areas by taking Avenue Mrs. Beaumont and then Avenue de la Tour Gandolphe.

Viewpoint at the bay “La Baie des Milliardaires”, Cap d’Antibes
Viewpoint at the bay “La Baie des Milliardaires”, which is one of the most beautiful places along the path – ©

cityxee recommends: Park by the large car park along the André Sella avenue.

By Tommy Sverre – 2021

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The Villa Eilenroc

The elegant and opulent Villa Eilenroc, in Antibes, had its heyday during the famous period, which the French refer to as “La Belle Époque” and is today open to the public.

Churches & chapels

Saint-Bernardin chapel

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Museum for History and Archeology

Historical objects dating back to Roman times are exhibited in the Bastion Saint-André built by the military architect Vauban in 1698 and which is a historical monument.

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Chateau de la Garoupe

This magnificent property is today part of a legal settlement and has been seized by the authorities after the suicide of the Russian oligarch Berezovsky.


Picasso museum & Grimaldi castle

At one of the best-located addresses in the old town of Antibes is the Grimaldi Castle, which today houses the Picasso Museum.


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Le Nomade

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Château de la Croë

Watch the fantastic video of Roman Abramovich’s Château de la Croë, that he has spent more than 33 million euros on restoring.

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The statue of Poilu

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Chapelle de la Garoupe

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The wash-house i Antibes

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