Marina Baie des Anges – The Pyramids of Villeneuve-Loubet

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Marina Baie des Anges – The Pyramids of Villeneuve-Loubet

For more than 50 years, architect André Minangoy’s iconic masterpiece, Marina Baie des Anges, has stood on the Riviera as one of the Côte d’Azur’s most famous landmarks.

pyramide building in Marina Baie des Anges in Villeneuve-Loubet
The marina with 540 mooring berths underlines the exclusivity of the property complex. – ©

Marina Baie des Anges in Villeneuve-Loubet

Whether you land at Nice Airport, arrive by boat from the sea, or stand at a vantage point in the mountains 10-15 kilometres behind the coastline, the spectacular and unique pyramidal buildings, as if rolled around the beach at Villeneuve-Loubet, are one of the safe navigation marks.

Nowhere else in the world you would find a similar building complex, until the mid-1970s, when the construction of Marina Baie des Anges started.

But it was not without difficulties and challenges that architect, André Minangoy, realized his life’s work. It took a total of 24 years to complete the entire complex.

Marina Baie des Anges contains:

  • 1600 apartments
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Thalasso Therapy Centre
  • Beach
  • Marina with 540 mooring berths

The 4 curved buildings symbolize white waves and the highest is 22 floors and 70 meters high. The buildings are called, respectively, Amiral, Baronnet, Commodore and Ducal.

Marina Baie des Anges consists of unconventional materials and design

Back in the 1970s, the Riviera around Nice was not as densely populated as it is today. Of course, there were already many hotels along the coast, but they were all built with respect for the local and traditional architecture that characterizes the southern French typical buildings.

Therefore, the architect André Minangoy’s unusual architecture encountered resistance from local authorities and sections of the local population, as they were all concerned about how the unconventional and modernist design would fit into the existing cityscape and environment.

Likewise, the expansion of the marina also raised concerns about potential impacts on the marine environment.

Watch the video at the end of the article.

Map showing the structure of the Baie des Anges complex with the 4 residential buildings: Amiral, Baronnet, Commodore and Ducal.
The map shows the structure of the entire complex with the 4 residential buildings: Amiral, Baronnet, Commodore and Ducal.

New construction methods were developed

When architects think outside the box, it always necessitates the development of new production methods. So, it was the case with Marina Baie des Anges. And everything became much more expensive than expected.

The technical challenges and the use of special materials contributed to increasing costs. Concrete elements and curved glass facades were prefabricated in factories, after which they were transported to the construction site and assembled.

In other words, the modern assembly building had taken over the Côte d’Azur, and formed the foundation for the significant architectural achievement that the building complex became.

Many people still visit the area to admire the unique architecture and enjoy the picturesque location on the Mediterranean Sea.

Big and expensive

Marina Baie des Anges is large. Really big. The built area is 160,000 square meters, and in addition to business areas and other facilities, the buildings contain 1600 apartments of varying sizes and prices.

If you want to buy, the square meter price starts at approximately 10,000 euros, and, of course, depends on location, sea view and maintenance condition. It is also possible to rent an apartment for short periods.

The property complex Marina Baie des Anges with snowy mountains in the background
In the winter months, right up to April/May, the snow-capped mountains are a fantastic backdrop to Marina Baie des Anges.

Pyramids must be seen – also in Villeneuve-Loubet

Whether we’re talking about the pyramids in Egypt or on the French Riviera, there’s no denying that pyramids are built to impress.

That’s why Marina Baie des Anges is also a bold architectural icon and an important part of the cultural experience that you should find time for when visiting the Côte d’Azur.

Coastal walk from Cagnes-sur-Mer

From the mouth of the river Loup, in Cagnes-sur-Mer, to the heart of Marina Baie des Anges, it is possible to take a coastal walk: the “Promenade Baie des Anges“. The tour is a real pleasure in all seasons from sunrise to late evening and takes you directly to the marina’s croisette. 

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By Tommy Sverre – 2023

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