5 refreshing cocktails with pastis

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5 refreshing cocktails with pastis

Embark on an anise-tasting experience with these 5 recipes for exciting and refreshing pastis cocktails

Pastis by the pool
That’s how we usually know pastis, but what about a cocktail with pastis instead?

Pastis can be served both traditionally and in cocktails

Pastis, a star in the world of French spirits, is known for its distinct anise flavor and rich history.

As a typical aperitif from the south of France, it is best enjoyed on the rocks on a sunny terrace but can also be used to create exciting and refreshing cocktails.

Before we dive into the recipes, let’s explore what type of pastis is available on the market.

The most famous brands are Pernod and Ricard. Both offer a distinctive, robust aniseed flavor, with Pernod boasting a slightly sweeter profile and Ricard being a bit more herbaceous.

There’s also Henri Bardouin Pastis, which stands out for its complex flavor profile sourced from a secret blend of many herbs and spices.  Finally, you will also find Pastis 51 as one of the popular brands in many supermarkets around France.

Also read about the history of pastis and the kinship to absinth.

And now for cocktails with pastis!

No. 1 – Pastis Spritz

This cocktail is a nice twist on the classic Spritz. Mix one part of pastis, two parts of prosecco and a dash of sparkling water. Add a slice of orange and plenty of ice for a refreshing, bubbly treat.

Cocktail Pastis Spritz with prosecco and a dash of sparkling water
Pastis Spritz with pastis, prosecco and a dash of sparkling water -©cityxee.com

No. 2 – Mauresque
This cocktail is a sweet delight with almond flavor. Combine two parts of pastis with one part of almond syrup and four parts of water. Serve with ice and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Mauresque with pastis, almond syrup and water. Served with ice cream and garnished with a cocktail cherry
Mauresque with pastis, almond syrup and water. Served with ice and garnished with a cocktail cherry – ©cityxee.com

No. 3 – Tomato
Don’t let the name fool you. There is no tomato in this drink. It is named for its unique reddish color, obtained by mixing pastis with grenadine syrup. Mix one part of pastis, one part of grenadine syrup and five parts of water for a fruity, anise-inspired cocktail. Serve with an ice cube .

Tomato cocktail med pastis
Pastis with grenadine syrup and water ©cityxee.com

No. 4 – Perroquet
For a refreshing, minted twist on the classic pastis-and-water, try Perroquet. Combine one part of pastis with one part of mint syrup and five parts of water. The result is a refreshing, mint-inspired cocktail with a beautiful shade of green.

Pastis cocktail Perroquet
Perroquet with pastis, mint syrup and water – ©cityxee.com

No. 5 – Rourou
If you are a fan of tropical flavors, Rourou is for you. Mix one part of pastis together with two parts of pineapple juice and a splash of strawberry syrup. The fruity taste of pineapple beautifully balances the strong anise flavor from the pastis.

Pastis cocktail Rourou
Rourou with pastis, pineapple juice and a splash of strawberry syrup – ©cityxee.com

Pastis – a taste of the French Riviera

These 5 delightful cocktails demonstrate the versatility of the pastis and emphasize that it is not just a liqueur that you sip nicely on hot summer days.

Whether you prefer the traditional brands like Pernod and Ricard or opt for a more complex flavor like Henri Bardouin, there’s a pastis-based cocktail out there for everyone.

So, embrace the spirit of the French Riviera and add a splash of pastis to your next cocktail!

By Tommy Sverre – 2023

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