That’s why we started

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That’s why we started

Based on true experiences
In an all busier everyday life, the need for breathing holes and real holidays certainly does not diminish. It can be an extended weekend or the long-awaited summer vacation.

Imagine the following: You have finally arranged an extended weekend for you and your girlfriend. The most necessary is arranged in advance; the journey to the destination is planned and the overnight stays are under control. But what are you going to experience? Let’s go on Google or buy “The trip goes to…”. A lot of people probably start with Google today – at least I did.

The tour that was the start of
I had arranged an extended weekend for Tourettes-sur-Loup on the Côte d’Azur, which I had heard so much about from a friend couple who travel a lot in the south of France.

Finally, the day came to an end. By plane from Copenhagen to Nice and a taxi from the airport, we were there. I had promised my girlfriend to take charge of the trip so she could just enjoy it and totally relax.

Incredibly stressed prelude
I had had an incredibly stressful time on the job in the weeks leading up to the trip, so I had at least as much need to just relax and float in a sun lounger under the south sun. But we had to experience something. However, I had decided from home that time should not be spent on too much transport, so good experiences near Tourettes-sur-Loup would be preferred.

Now there was to be surfing
Well installed in the hotel and then directly under a parasol by the swimming pool along with a petite café and my iPad and my mobile. Now it took Googles to find our upcoming experiences.

The frustration increased
already after 10-15 minutes, an insidious annoyance had begun to occur. It was incredibly difficult to get a sensible overview. I started my search in English – thinking that I probably got the best result – with “What to do in Tourettes-sur-Loup” and then the same approach at the nearby towns of Vence, Saint-Paul de Vence and Saint Jeannet.

A lot of hits came out with, for example, “10 things to do in Saint Jeannet, 15 things to do in Saint-Paul de Vence” etc. But on closer inspection, it was often only a few of the advertised experiences that lay in the city itself, the rest was far away. It won’t last.

After half an hour, the frustration had grown quite large. Lots of messy and incalculable sites. Many only in French and many were not at all optimized to look at a mobile phone.

The tourist office must be the
solution. A trip to the local tourist office, which is very centrally located in the city. It had to help.

The tourist office was very accommodating and asked if I was looking for anything specific. I was handed a number of leaflets and brochures, which I brought back to the hotel to immerse myself a little closer and try to create an overview.

I wanted to make the right choices, not waste time and not miss out on just the experiences that were right for us. It helped a little, but not enough. A large selection of brochures. Some in English, some in French, but still difficult to get an overview.

To make a long story short, this frustrating experience kicked off what is now called cityxee (see city). A travel site for the Côte d’Azur, where it has hopefully become simple and manageable to see what each city has to offer of experiences and not least what the nearby towns can offer of experiences. And in a language that can be understood.

A chance meeting confirmed
A late July evening in 2020 I met quite by chance a Dane, Steen Meedom, who lives permanently in Vence.

My boyfriend and I had to find a few available seats at the café in Vence and when we were about to sit down, an elderly gentleman sitting right next door said it was at our own risk if we sat down there. He was Danish and could understand what we were saying. He had quickly spotted that we were Danes and thought that the right thing to do was to “warn” us. My comment was that it is going well.

We talked and at some point he asks, and what are you doing? When I told him what I was working on, he lit up and said – that’s a good idea. You’re going to be successful with that! Thank you Steen – thank you for your support.

Now the site is live and I hope you find it inspiring and want to immerse yourself in all the cities’ exciting experiences and cultural treasures. And last but not least – recommend the site to your friends.

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Have a great time!

By Tommy Sverre / 2021

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