Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez

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Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez

A visit to the Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez is more than an ordinary museum experience. It is a journey through time that celebrates the unfathomable relations between the sea and the man.

room in the maritime history museum showing the hydrographic school in Saint-Tropez
One of the 22 rooms in the citadel shows the history of the school of hydrographers in Saint-Tropez. – ©

The Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez is a treasure trove of maritime history

In the heart of the French Riviera, on the glittering coast of Saint-Tropez, lies a historical gem that holds tales of the heroes and adventures of the sea – the Maritime Historical Museum (musée d’histoire maritime).

Located in the impressive Citadel of Saint-Tropez, the museum welcomes visitors to step into a world where the wings of time are felt in every room and the history of sailing and shipping becomes a living experience.

A unique location

The citadel has stood guard over Saint-Tropez since the 17th century and now serves as a testimony to the city’s strategic importance in Mediterranean history.

Housed in the citadel, the Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez offers stunning views of the azure coastlines, making a visit here not only a cultural experience, but also a visual delight.

Areal photo of the Citadel of Saint-Tropez
The location of the museum in the citadel makes the visit experience something very special.

Wealth of exhibits

The museum’s exhibitions are located throughout 22 different rooms on 3 levels. The story stretches from antiquity to modern times and depicts Saint-Tropez’s development from a simple fishing village to a center of maritime trade and later an internationally renowned sailing mecca. Visitors can delve into tales of famous shipbuilders, adventurous explorers, and stories of bravery at sea through the many artifacts and interactive exhibits.

See the image gallery at the end of the article.

A vibrant learning environment

With a strong focus on education and conservation, the Maritime History Museum works hard to bring History to life for visitors of all ages. Through well-organized tours, workshops and lectures, the museum provides an insight into maritime culture and its importance to the region.

A City-must-Xee for history enthusiasts

No trip to Saint-Tropez would be complete without taking the time to explore this one-of-a-kind museum. The Maritime History Museum is not just a treasure trove of historical artifacts. It is also a place where the past meets the present and provides an immersion in the maritime achievements that have shaped our world.

Practical information

Planning a visit to the Maritime History Museum and the citadel is hassle-free. It is open year-round with guided tours available in several languages if you don’t want to walk around on your own.

The entrance fee is reasonable (4€) and visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll around the grounds after exploring the museum.

Photo gallery from the Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez:

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By Tommy Sverre - 2023

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