Formula1 Monaco
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Formula1 Monaco

Formula1 in Monaco is a four-day motor race with speed, celebration and glamour, and one of the biggest events of the year in the Principality of the French Riviera.

The stands Formula1 of the Monaco Grand Prix
The stands are prepared for Formula1 of the Monaco Grand Prix ©AdopePhoto

Formula1 in Monaco is an experience of a lifetime

Formula1 motorsport is always prestigious and glamorous, but Monaco’s Grand Prix stands at the top of the world, and is in line with the 24-hour race in Le Mans and the American Indy 500 race in Indianapolis.

The race is run in Monaco’s narrow streets

It’s spectacular and nerve-racking as the lightning-fast F1 cars roar through the narrow streets of the 3.3-kilometre roundabout in the city centre, which is very demanding for drivers.

On the harbour promenade, large stands are set up for the 100,000 spectators who travel to Monaco each year to follow the Formula1 race, which is a four-day party.

Formula1 in Monaco is  party for four days

Unlike many track races, Monaco offers restaurants, cafes, hotels and nightlife right next to the course itself, and you don’t have to be short of anything if you want to party through the city’s discos and nightclubs.

Group of young girls having fun at Monaco Formula1
Monaco Formula1 is Party and Colors – ©AdopePhoto

One only has to remember to bring the big wallet, because everything is expensive, and it can quickly turn into some expensive days in Monaco.

Jet setters also come to Monaco

The race has been run since 1929, and since 1950 has been a regular race in the Formula1 World Championship.

The intense experience of the hot-tempered F1 racers is combined with a unique atmosphere in the city streets, where spectators from all over the world mingle with the international jet set to witness this highlight of the F1 calendar.

Formula1 cars are admired up close, while the sun and proximity of the Mediterranean are enjoyed from the stands while attending the training sessions and on race day, on Sunday, the whole Principality bubbles with excitement from the morning.

closeup F1-racer Monaco Formula1
Monaco Formula1 gets you all close to the F1-race cars – ©AdopePhoto

The Monaco course is iconic

The track itself is built up on exactly the same route every year in an elongated course along the coast, and it is legendary among the drivers. On the narrow roads with narrow corners, it is difficult to overtake, so much depends on the start and tire change strategy.

Formula1 in the streets of Monaco
Iconic and challenging F1 race in the heart of Monaco’s streets – ©AdopePhoto

But the track is also very challenging and demanding for the drivers, who are solicited to the maximum, and, often, crucial driving errors have strong consequence.

The track’s hairpin bend at the Fairmont hotel is the slowest turn of the entire Formula One program, after which the cars, seconds later, reach speeds around 300 km/h as they whizz through the tunnel, in an elongated right turn under the hotel.

Anything can happen, and the entertainment and excitement are top notch from start to finish of the race.

Parking and traffic

Throughout the week leading up to the motor race, access to central Monaco in your own car is extremely difficult.

It is advisable to park on the outskirts of the city and continue on public transport into the city centre. Set ample time aside for transport. It is, in every way, unusual in the days around the race.


Ticket required for access to the spectator stands at the port.

There are many different combination options for buying tickets for the different training sessions, qualification and races. See all the options and buy a ticket via the F1 website or app.

Get more info on the Monaco Grand Prix website.

By Mikael Mortensen – 2022

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