The Japanese Garden in Monaco

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The Japanese Garden in Monaco

Right in the heart of the Monegasque Principality of Monaco, you will find a small Japanese oasis built according to a strict Zen design by the Japanese garden architect, Yasuo Beppu.

japanske have med pavillonen i Monaco
The Japanese Garden provides a delightful Zen moment in the middle of a bustling city – ©

The Japanese Garden

The beautiful garden was built in 1994 at the request of Monaco’s prince, Prince Rainer III, and covers an area of 7,000 m2. It took Japanese garden architect, Yasuo Beppu, 1 and a half year to build the garden, and it contains all the elements that belong in a Japanese garden:

  • a small pond
  • small bridges
  • small islands
  • a waterfall
  • a teahouse
  • a pavilion
  • stone lanterns

The wooden superstructures were designed in Japan and complete the layout with two beautiful entrance gates, a covered terrace, a pavilion, a gate to the teahouse and a gazebo.

Not everything is Japanese

Although the garden looks completely Japanese with the characteristic bonsai plants, not all the components of the garden originate from Japan.

There are many Japanese trees and shrubs that are not happy with the southern European climate, so plants such as pines, olive trees and pomegranate bushes have also been brought from the Mediterranean region and virtually every other continent on the planet.

Trees and shrubs have been carefully pruned throughout the first 3 years to give them the characteristic Japanese garden miniature look. The bamboo hedges, tiles (Awaji Island), stone lanterns and wood constructions are imported from Japan.

The paving and boulders that make up the waterfall, come from Corsica, Auvergne and the Tinée Valley and were all selected on site before being installed according to a very precise plan.

The curious can read much more about the garden’s history and creation, as well as the basic Japanese traditions, on the explanatory posters that are placed all around the garden.

In the pond, which is located at the foot of the pavilion, you can admire a rare collection of Koi carp swimming around among water lilies and lotus flowers.

Reportedly, the garden architect, Master Beppu, would visit the garden once a year and would advise the local gardeners on the care of the plants, so guests can always be offered a beautiful and quiet stroll in the garden in the middle of the busy city.

Free access
Opening hours: 9 – 17:45 or 18:45 (depending on the season)

It is not recommended to come too late in the day, as the garden is then in the shade.

By Tommy Sverre – 2024

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