Welcome to cityxee.com

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Welcome to cityxee.com

Every city have their special treasures, but not all cities advertise all their experiences and cultural treasures equally.

That’s why we’ve created cityxee.com (pronounced city see) – to give you a super simple overview of what each city offers its visitors. And at the same time what the nearby towns have to offer.

All presented in a manageable structure that can inspire you to explore the exciting cities of the Côte d’Azur.

How to navigate the site
There are 4 useful features that will give you overview and quick access to your favorite cities and experiences

    • The main menu – here you will find easy access to cities and experiences

    • Shortcut button for a city’s experiences – this one sits at the top of all the city pages and directs you directly to the overview of the experiences


    • Your favorites – here you can save the articles you’d like to use later

    • Live-search – in the search function you type and then posts appear instantly

Rome wasn’t built in one day!
Here in our launch edition of cityxee.com we start by presenting 10 cities and their experiences. From here, the site will grow with new cities and new experiences.

We are therefore happy to receive TIPS from you about experiences that you miss and have not come up with this time around. Just send us an email on info@cityxee.com.

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By Tommy Sverre / 2021

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