Lucky the Horse by Rémi Pesce

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Lucky the Horse by Rémi Pesce

The statue of Lucky the Horse is one of the most popular and meaningful attractions in the village.

Here all the inhabitants of the city are represented
The artist, Rémi Pesce, used 3,000 horseshoes to create the statue, which represents the approx. 3,000 inhabitants living in St. Paul de Vence.

Lucky the Horse stands peacefully and overlooks the western part of the parapet and can be admired by the city’s many visitors.

A legend in Saint-Paul
Rémi Pesce (1930) is a legend in Saint-Paul de Vence and has lived here most of his life. He has also experienced the wild art period in the 50’s where many famous artists like Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Braque met at La Colombe d’Or restaurant. Remi even worked at one point as a handyman at the restaurant and thus had good contact with the customers at the restaurant. Has, among other things, played pétanque with Yves Montand and drank wine with Pablo Picasso.

Discover Remi Studio and the rest of his work, only a few minutes away from the city center of Saint-Paul de Vence at the address : 350 chemin du Cercle, Saint-Paul de Vence

By Tommy Sverre – 2022

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