Hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche – Èze

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Hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche – Èze

The hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche in Èze is a wonderful little hike of just 2 x 2.1 km named after the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Walk it either from Èze-sur-Mer or from Èze Village.

Sign to the hiking tour on Sentier Nietzsche Èze
There is good signage for the start of this hike – here from Èze-Bord-de-Mer – ©cityxee.com

Tour Description – Hiking Tour Sentier Nietzsche

The hiking tour of the Sentier Nietzsche can be started either in Èze Village or from the beach road in Èze-Bord-de-Mer. We arrived by car and parked at the train station in Èze-Bord-de-Mer and started the trip from here. You can also go here by train or bus from Nice.

In Èze-Bord-de-Mer, there are usually fine parking spaces, and then you also get to do the steep part of the trip first. Then you can relax more on the way back to Èze Village.

The hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche in Èze is a relatively short distance of just 2.1 km, but as it goes up most of the way towards Èze Village, your fitness is a bit challenged. Fortunately, there are some good advices against this: take breaks, drink water and enjoy the beautiful views of the area and the sea.

Then one of the most beautiful middle villages on the French Riviera awaits. The whole trip takes about 1 hour to hike including breaks.

  • Length: 2 x 2.1 km
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time: 1 hour including small breaks
  • Elevation: +/- 345 m

Tour start

We started the tour from Èze-Bord-de-Mer and it is a clearly marked path where you cannot go wrong. The path starts just 100 meters from the train station – see the Google map at the end of the article.

From here, it is just to follow the path all the way up and enjoy the beautiful nature and the beautiful views. There are two smaller stretches during the trip, where the path flattens out, so you can pulse down a little.

Hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche, view from the path
The path is well laid out and offers beautiful views – ©cityxee.com

Arrival at Èze Village

After an hour of walking, you arrive at Èze Village right next to Château Chèvre d’Or – the world-famous hotel and restaurant.

You may remember Château Chèvre d’Or from the movie “The Bucket List”, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In the film, they had the famous place on their bucket list.

End of hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche in Èze
When the double-fortified gate “The Gates” is passed, Èze welcomes you to a beautiful experience – ©cityxee.com

This is also where the stairway to the old city of Èze starts. Read more about this amazing medieval town in our city history of Èze and don’t miss the exotic garden at the very top of Èze. Even in low season it is worth all the money (entrance fee 4€). From here there are some of the Riviera’s most beautiful views as well as nice benches to sit and relax on and enjoy the atmosphere.

Return to Èze-Bord-de-Mer

The trip back to Èze-Bord-de-Mer is somewhat easier as it is downhill all the way. At the same time, you walk facing the sea and can enjoy the views to the fullest.

Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, spiritual thinker, cultural critic, composer, poet and philologist. Nietzsche’s work has had a great influence on modern philosophy. He wrote critically about morality, religion, culture, philosophy, pedagogy and science in a peculiar philosophical style with the use of aphorisms. Read the full story of Friedrich Nietzsche on Wikipedia.

Nietzsche lived for a time in Èze and Nice, and was often seen hiking precisely on this path. Therefore, it is named after him.

Optionally, finish the tour on the beach in Èze-Bord-de-Mer

If you end the hike in Èze-Bord-de-Mer, we highly recommend stopping by the beach and enjoy the small coastline in the bay along Èze-Bord-de-Mer.

Bring some refreshments, settle down on the stone bench that stands along the beach and enjoy the fresh sea air and the warm rays of the sun.

End the hiking tour Sentier Nietzsche by visiting The beach along Èze-Bord-de-Mer
The beach along Èze-Bord-de-Mer – © cityxee.com

By Tommy Sverre – 2024

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Sentier Nietzsche is a wonderful little hike of just 2 x 2.1 km named after the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Walk it either from Èze-sur-Mer ...
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