Domaine de la Royrie olive farm

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Domaine de la Royrie olive farm

Situated on the hillside between Grasse and Cabris, the Domaine de la Royrie offers you a very special experience with its breathtaking views of the bay of Cannes and a history that goes all the way back to the 16th century monks of Lérin.

Domaine de la Royrie – offers 100% organic olive oil

With its breathtaking location and a unique history, a special experience awaits here.

Explore the olive trees and learn more about the Domaine de la Royrie, which was founded back in the 15th century by monks at the Lérins Monastery, located on the island of Iles Saint Honorat off Cannes.

The history of the domain goes all the way back to the monks of Lérin in the 16th century

After a walk between these centuries-old trees, you can get closer to the secret behind the award-winning olive oil, which has won several medals, including gold at the Concours Général Agricole – and is produced according to the recognized AOP Nice standard.

The olive oil from Domaine la Royrie has been awarded on several occasions

Domaine de la Royrie switched to 100% organic farming in 2012.

A taste visit to the store gives you ample opportunity to choose your favorite oil.

Helichrysum italicum – a healing plant

You will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the special helichrysum flower (also called immortelle or curry plant) with its medicinal properties.

Nearly 800 helichrysum plants from Corsica have been planted and share the nut terraces with the olive trees.

Here the “Helichrysum italicum” flowers thrive side by side with the olive trees

Helichrysum italicum or the “eternal” flower has been used since ancient times because of its medicinal virtues. Today, it continues to play an important role in traditional medicine in the Mediterranean countries.

Its flowers and leaves have a special smell of “curry plant” and are used as a traditional food aroma, but beyond that as a rare ingredient in perfume.

When dried, the flowers retain their “immortal” sun-yellow color. They are traditionally used as an infusion to combat symptoms such as colds, sleep disorders and joint and digestive problems.

“Helichrysum italicum” flowers are grown in the olive grove among the organic olive trees without fertilizer or treatment. They are not irrigated and therefore produce significantly more essential oils and active components.Marianne et Jean-Marie warmly welcomes you to the Domaine de la Royrie.

88, Chemin des Hautes Ribes, 06130 Grasse
Tel.: +33(0)6 02 19 41 81

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